Catch The Drift


Sometimes we are thrown off track because of a sudden change in our world. Sometimes we find we’re off course because we never had a clear course in the first place. People rarely want to admit to themselves that they’re drifting. Naturally we all find ourselves drifting at some point in our lives, whether that be professional or personal.

Every leader experiences profound peaks and valleys in their career. Organizations flourish when their leaders are in sync and on their game, and they stumble when their leaders drift off course. Leadership drift can ultimately result in management failure and turnover. We must always have an ability to facilitate movement in the needed direction and most importantly have people feel good about it.

Similarly, we need to nourish our personal relationships before feeling like we’re rushing through life so fast that we’re missing out on what is really important. When we choose to share our heart with an amazing person we have to remember to stay close to him or her even when life is turbulent. If we can all make a few changes, and put some effort day by day, we can catch the drift before it becomes a problem.

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