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Investment Property Realtor in Denver, CO: House Flipping & Investment Real Estate Agents

If you’re thinking about investing in real estate in the Denver area, you’ve come to the right place. At Anna Bebutova Real Estate, I’m an investment property realtor that can help you determine the best way to invest. There are three primary ways to invest in the Denver real estate market. House flipping, rental properties, and wholesaling are all great options. With years of experience as an investment realtor, I can pave the way for you to succeed in any of these three ways.

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Flipping Denver House Could Be Your Calling

House flipping is when an investor purchases a Denver home and makes the necessary renovations to improve its market value. When all the upgrades are finished, the investor then sells the house at a higher price, making a profit. House flipping is intended as a short term investment. As an investment property realtor, I’d have to warn you that the longer you hold on to the Denver property without purpose, the more the expenses add up.

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Rental Properties Can Be A Great Source of Income

Any type of property in the Denver area can be bought and rented out as a secondary income. However, rental properties need hands-on management. With delegating tasks such as rent collection, property maintenance, evictions, record keeping, and law compliance upkeep, being a landlord can often become a full time job. As the investment realtor at Anna Bebutova Real Estate in Denver, I can help you determine which type of Denver property is best to purchase with your allotted time frame and financial budget.

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    Are You Ready to Take on Wholesaling?

    For the more precarious individual, wholesaling can be an exciting market to get into. Wholesaling consists of buying a Denver property below the market value to immediately sell to another investor for a higher price and pocket the profit. Wholesaling can be a risky process. However, with the proper credentials and experience, it can also be a great way to earn money. This process demands sound due diligence and access to a network of potential Denver buyers in order to sell the property within a short timeframe at a profitable price.

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    • "Anna helped me acquire the dream house for my family and my commercial property. I'm happy I reached out to her. I strongly recommend Anna for your any of your real estate transactions. Residential or commercial, she can do it all!"

      Carlos Carrasco


    • "Anna is very professional to work with. She sold my condo a couple years ago very quickly and made the process very simple. I highly recommend her if you want to buy or sell."

      Anton Arshalyan


    • "I had an amazing experience with Anna, she was very patient with me and understood what I needed. She not only helped me get into a commercial property but has also continued to search for more opportunities for me to invest and taking the time to show them to me"

      Marvin Quijano


    • "She was absolutely Great, very knowledgeable, competent and very attuned to every detail in the house, very prompt and on time, with an incredible patience and very positive attitude, highly recommend"



    • "Anna was knowledgeable and worked hard to find the perfect home for me. If you are planning to move to the Denver area Anna is the agent for you."

      Byron Clayton


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    Trusted Vendors You Can Rely On

    As an investment property realtor, I have in depth understanding of every real estate process, which directly correlates with finding other quality trust vendors if needed. The vendor selection process can become daunting, but with an investment realtor you can trust, such as myself, you’ll feel confident about the whole process.

    Purchasing A Home Has Never Been Easier

    Have you ever experienced a realtor that doesn’t seem to have your best interest in mind? Anna Bebutova Real Estate was created to stop inexperienced realtors from taking advantage of their clients. As a real estate professional in the Denver area, you will never have to worry about finding the best deal. With years of realtor experience, I’ve gained a unique perspective on the various negotiation tactics when purchasing a home in Denver or the surround areas.


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