Embracing The Uncertainty


As much as we don’t like to admit it, life is uncertain. We never know exactly where it will take us. There’s no doubt about it, uncertainty can be uncomfortable. We like to feel that we are masters of our own ship, in control of our fate, and so it’s entirely natural to find ourselves feeling a little out of sorts when our future becomes an unknown environment.

We need to entertain the idea that uncertainty is okay, and that imperfection is acceptable. When we make an effort to get out of our safe, “predictable” comfort zones, we’re better able to listen to our own wants and desires and ultimately this helps us keep an open mind. This mentality can reshape our expectations to frame uncertainty in a positive light and be an opportunity to unfold our wings.

Maybe something you always considered true is nothing more than someone else’s opinion. Or maybe looking at it from a slightly different angle will produce a different result.

Uncertainty can ultimately enrich our lives, or diminish it. I say, Embrace it!

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