Loyalty to Yourself


The character quality of being loyal is something that has been greatly impacted by our culture today – and unfortunately in a negative way. It seems so much of what we hear, read or watch confirms there is someone who has been betrayed, deceived, exposed or misled. Today, loyalty is a lost character quality that so few possess.

Loyalty is a word that’s often thrown around and is a top value for many. What is loyalty anyway? In short, it’s when you strongly support and stand by a person, organization, or group of people. This can look like the unwavering allegiance you have to your partner or choosing to stand by your child no matter what.

Loyalty is a great quality to have, but it becomes toxic when you betray yourself to prove your loyalty to others. Although having a relationship with others is important, the most important one you can have is with yourself. So, how do you improve the relationship you have with yourself?

Personal integrity isn’t an easy journey. Sometimes it will mean losing people you love and standing alone. However, it’s better to be true to yourself than lose yourself trying to please others.

When you make yourself the most important person in your life, you’ll begin to see positive changes. One of them may be attracting people who are loyal to you, respect your boundaries, and encourage you to love yourself.

When you possess the character quality of loyalty, you will create success in your personal and business life. 

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