Mastering Our Emotions


We can’t change the way others feel and act, we can only change the way we react to them. At times the intensity and duration of someone else’s outburst can truly challenge our ability to remain calm. Our feelings play important roles in problem solving, motivation, and other essential cognitive functions that we use at work and in our personal lives.

When people disrespect you or do not treat you well, it is easy to take their behavior personally, to blame yourself and think you have anything to do with someone else’s behavior. Taking things personally is emotionally draining and an unnecessary, constant reevaluation of our self-esteem. Do not climb down the rabbit hole, and be part of the problem. It may be satisfying in the moment, but it won’t be in the long term, and you will likely be something you regret. Take the high road, and let it wash off of you. Not taking things personally gives us more control over how we respond, our emotions and overall energy level.

Mastering our emotions becomes not about controlling our feelings, but rather working with them productively. The key to navigating these heavy emotional moments is to stop fighting and start accepting. The difficult moments life can present at times are uncomfortable, but we must acknowledge what we’re feeling and start working through it. Emotions can rule our life – or we can learn to work alongside them towards a healthier, better balanced future.

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