Never Lose Sight Of Yourself


I realized I lost that spark that I used to have.When did I start losing me and start becoming what I saw? Whether you’ve lost yourself in your job, relationship, your role as a parent or simply feel lost in life in general, you are not alone. It means your going through a transformation period. As we grow older, we sometimes lose sight of how amazing life can be because we can feel burdened by the responsibilities and mundane parts of life. Maybe, the ideal life you envisioned isn’t coming to fruition, or perhaps, life’s curveballs have set you down an unexpected path. These thoughts of self-doubt can cause the sparkle in your bright eyes to fade, and it can make you lose sight of the good in yourself.

Knowing the real you is as important as understanding your values. It means being honest when identifying what you love about yourself, and what you want to work on. The idea of success varies from person to person, and it sits on a foundation of our values. The funny thing about success is that our vision of it can, and will, change. Life forces us to adapt to change and it has taught me that getting what I want takes time, and it’s okay if my vision of success evolves.

A sense of humanity lies in the recognition that everyone makes mistakes and no one is without their weaknesses. When times are difficult, seeking comfort in our unconditional goodwill towards ourselves could become a lifeline for our well-being. Remember, you yourself deserve your kindness.

You are your most important relationship and the strongest bond you will hold is the one in your heart.

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