The Importance of What You Say


Being articulate could possibly be the most important business skill you can develop. This is why well-spoken people succeed, because they get right to the point, they communicate their messages clearly and you don’t need to ask them twice. Articulate people create confidence in the people they work with because they leave the conversation in a clear position.

The best, most direct way to convey your intelligence, expertise, professionalism, and personality to other people is through talking to them. That being said, much of what people take away from a conversation or presentation may be from the non-verbal – the body language, the appearance and the tone. The biggest favor you can do yourself is to simply listen; listen to well-spoken people, and listen to yourself too. This will ensure you choose your words carefully and appreciate them. 

Human beings are sensitive souls and have a gut instinct about whether they trust someone and what they say. Non-verbal signals have as strong an influence over our impressions as the words that come out of our mouths. So, chose them wisely. 

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