The Power of Reflection


When any year comes to a close, we’re filled with a level of excitement in us that only seems to come up at this time of year. Excitement for a brand new chapter and a clean slate. Reflecting on what we took from 2020 is the best way we can prepare to make this upcoming year even better.

Light itself is invisible until it reflects from something and hits our eyes. In the same way, the elements of our life are invisible until we take the time to actually see them through our mind’s eye. Self-reflection is taking the time to see the successes and failures, the opportunities and challenges, and the mental and physical development that makes each of us who we are. 

Self reflection is not a moment of judgment or criticism. It is a chance to improve our strengths, align our values and goals, and track our growth. We become more confident when working with our strengths, so let’s make the most of our strengths and use them when we feel weak.

Reflection isn’t always easy. It can take time, effort, and purposeful thinking but I believe everyone stands to gain from engaging in some type of reflection. Twelve months have gone by – mostly likely too fast. How did it go? Acknowledge all that worked well: the goals you achieved and circumstances you feel good about. 

We all wear many roles in work and life. Where do you want to be better? Get specific and create intentions that you will act on. 

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